Carpet Stretching

flood damage

Carpet stretching is a common carpet repair that Parallel Carpet Cleaning provides. Carpet floors can ripple or bunch when sliding heavy furniture or are in high foot traffic areas. Even small ripples in your carpet will get worse over time. Staying on top of this problem will save your carpet from having to be replaced.

Carpet stretching is a simple repair for a qualified person. It involves pulling the carpet until tightly drawn and cutting the excess material. It’s then put back in place and secured with no ripples. If rippling or bunching is still present, then carpet replacement is recommended.

Moreover, if your carpet maintenance needs a little more than just a stretch we also provide our services to help with any water damage that your floor has suffered. From water damage restoration to stain removal, our carpet cleaning services are second to none when it comes to professional carpet cleaning.

Parallel Carpet Cleaning can provide you carpet care service at a low cost. It’s a simple sounding repair but needs to be done by a skilled technician so the problem doesn’t recur. {Contact} us for any carpet repair service in Houston, TX.


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